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Call a taxi to the Station

The rate «Accompanying service at departure»The rate «Meeting»
Comfort600 RUR
or city rate + 150 RUR
600 RUR
or city rate + 150 RUR
Business800 RUR900 RUR

Are you going to leave by train? In order to do that you have to reach the train station first. In this case our service will be very useful for you. It is very simple to cal a taxi to the station - you just have to dial our phone number and leave an application. This way you will never miss a train!

The station is always a saying goodbye or farewell, trains are taking people to the other cities like a huge monsters from fairytales they hide people inside their iron belly and take them somewhere under the horizon- to the other cities, other countries. The train station is also a huge mechanism, huge conveyor of «goodbye&raqo; production and a giant infrastructure is working for that infrastructure. Taxi rendering the services of taking people to the station, help desks, hand carriers which you never find when you are in need.

To call a taxi to the station is never a problem! First of all the stations in metropolises are located either in the center or not far from the center. Second — in any part of the day or night it is always crowded with people.

Stations are not only factories of “goodbyes” but also factories of meetings and often - dream factories as Hollywood was once called. Saying goodbye to a person one never know if that person will be the same upon his return especially when this person will be away for a long time.

The yellow taxis fly together like seagulls to the fishing port. And these cars are really the most convenient way of reaching the station.

Leaving by train almost always means a large number of luggage and, as a consequence,- serious problems related to luggage deliverance from home and back. The luggage together with the passengers must be on time for train departure.

The train is not going to wait the latecomers. In this case you can fully rely on qualified personnel of our taxi services. In any case you will never miss a train by using the services of our company. You will arrive on time and with comfort.

Calling a taxi is a very first step a person have to do before stepping on the transportation «conveyor» that will take you to new cities, countries, new thoughts and emotions. The conveyor that will take you fast to the address of destination without any problems and in fine fashion. And our perfect cars will take you either to the station or from it.

  • The term STATION refers to railway stations, riverside stations, bus service stations of Moscow.
  • The price includes 30 minutes of waiting at the airport for free, after that, — the time of waiting cost estimates in accordance with time of day and category of the ordered car.
  • In case of cancelling of the waiting service upon the car arrival to the destination — the value of 300 rubles shall be paid.
  • If the time of travelling exceeds 60 minutes the rate after this 60 minutes shall be calculated in accordance with time of day and category of the ordered car.
  • Paid parking zone is on the expenses of the client.

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