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«Fast and the cheapest taxi»

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Fixed prices, fast arrival, reasonable prices.

Taxi in Moscow from 280 rubles and fixed prices!

Time rateFixed rate
Economic20 min. — 280 RUR., further 10 RUR/min. 5 km — 300 RUR, further 20 RUR/km
Standard20 min. — 320 RUR., further 10 RUR/min. 10 km — 400 RUR, further 20 RUR/km
Comfort20 min. — 350 RUR., further 10 RUR/min. 10 km — 450 RUR, further 20 RUR/km
Minivan20 min. — 900 RUR., further 12 RUR/min. 20 km — 900 RUR, further 20 RUR/km
Taxi serving within Moscow — free of charge
In order to have Holiday rates information, please call our operators
The rate «Comfort» + 150 rubles to the price of the trip.
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Today’s most comfortable and convenient way of traveling within the city is a taxi. There are thousands of our cars In Moscow ready to take you wherever you wish. We guarantee the quality of their high services, speed, safety and comfort.

Previously not everyone could afford to take a taxi in Moscow in order to reach the suburbs from the center. Nowadays the level of the population’s income is growing and together with it the number of firms willing to do anything to attract customers. Our company is not looking for any special moves for attraction — we’re just doing our job well. Whether it’s a trip through Moscow with the guests of our city or business trip to Moscow, «Taxi 921» will serve you efficiently and without any delay.

Ordering of the taxi can be made at any time of the day — our experienced operators will take the order immediately and in accordance with your requirements they will sent you the particular car. You choose the car taking into account the purpose of the trip -it can be a standard car or luxury cars. At the present day the most convenient and fast means of traveling, even for ordinary Moscow people became a taxi.

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Many people living in Moscow prefer the subway traveling- it’s cheap and eliminates the possibility of getting into traffic jams, but if you are going to an important meeting or a celebration with gifts and luxury bunch of flowers? Nobody wants to get stuck in a crowd of people in public transport. Especially since the city is expanding much faster than new subway stations are being built. We take you quickly and comfortably not only to any point on the map, but also beyond the MKAD.

Fast, comfortable, cheap!

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