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Transfer to the airport Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo


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Transfer is a preplanned awaiting service and welcoming, meeting service of the client at the station or at the airport. (Domodedovo, Sheremenyevo, Vnukovo, Bykovo) with subsequent taking to the required address. The most convenient way to order a transfer service is by a phone call or on our web site.

The service of meeting with a nameplate is available. Our drivers will come to meet you and will wait until airplane or train arrival. You will easily recognize our drivers by the nameplate with your name. We are ready to arrange the transfer in in every station or airport of Moskow and regions: Domodedovo, Sheremenyevo, Vnukovo, Bykovo.

During the Soviet Union there was a saying “summer is a period for vacation”. Nowadays the period for vacation is the whole year around. Today it is much easier to go somewhere abroad in order to get a sun bath by the sea during the harsh winter. Travel agencies provide different kinds of vacation programs: all inclusive, exclusive — individual program or something cheaper for those who can not afford an expensive vacation. However any agency if it’s not a phony one or a smalltimer will tell you that there are the things you should not economize on. The things like health insurance and transfer ordering. It is more or less clear what concerns the health insurance — everyone watches the news. But not everyone is familiar with the advantages of transfer services.

So, what is this strange beast called the transfer service?

To put it simply — it’s a guarantee that you will not have to run around the airport in order to find a more or less convenient transport. Not mentioning that you will have to pay two or three times more while the most common way for a taxi driver to hit the jackpot is the way from the airport or station.

Ordering a transfer means that the arranging company is now also responsible for your safe taking to the hotel, home and back to the airport at appropriate time. Why is it that necessary disregarding the afore described question of price? In order to have an illustration one can have a look at the process of returning from a vacation spent abroad. You leave the plane and go to the air terminal building. The prudent passengers are already awaited by the representatives of the transportation companies with the nameplates.

It will take just a little time and you are sitting in a comfortable car and your luggage is securely placed in the trunk. In winter it is warm in the car, during the summer the air conditioner is on. You will be home soon. Of course you can spare some money and find a car by yourselves but do you really have to spend your time for waiting, luggage carrying or any other problem on your way home? Now you understand- better not to economize on the transfer.

Цены на трансфер

any terminal
any terminal
650 RUR.
any terminal
Domodedovo1400 RUR.
any terminal
Vnukovo1300 RUR.
VnukovoDomodedovo1200 RUR.
The rate includes 30 minutes of waiting
Parking prices excluded

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